Thank you all for the prayers.

Yesterday was perfect! I’m already sore and we have a whole heck of a lot more packing to do today!!!

Prayers appreciated!

Anonymous said: Hi ! I was just wondering whether someone has ever mistaken you for a nurse? I am a medical student as well and when I tell someone I am in medical school they immediately assume I am studying to be a nurse. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with nurses but I feel there still is a gender stereotype going on. Or it could just be how I am perceived by other people not looking like a typical med student (whatever that looks like?)




Oh yup! And I definitely think this is definitely a gender thing. 

I’ve actually had this exact conversation with male classmates in my class. All of the girls in my class have been asked if they were the nurse, even after telling the patient they were in school to be a doctor. BUT none of the male students in my class have ever had this experience. 

There still remains a gender stereotype in medicine. It’s the reason that nurses scrubs come in mens and women’s, but doctor scrubs come in “unisex” (aka men’s sizes). 

And people are still stumped by the joke “A father rushes his son to the ED after he’s been injured. They rush the boy into surgery and the surgeon says “I can’t operate on this boy, he’s my son!” How can this be?” People are still baffled by it because it never occurs to them that the doctor is the mother. 

So, ladies of the world, go take over medicine so people don’t assume that only men can be doctors. :) 

This happens to me all the time. Tho the worst is when I say I’m going to med school and they ask how much longer till I’m a MA.

Yep. Happens to me all the time. “Oh you’re in medical school? What type of nurse do you want to be?”




#YesAllWomen tweets reveal persistent sexism in science By Fiona MacDonald via ScienceAlert. | Image Credit: First three images via ScienceAlert via Twitter, fourth image via Twitter.

Reading through the tweets on the #yesallwomen hashtag is heartbreaking, illuminating and frustrating all at the same time. 

And if you’re a woman, you’ll be nodding along to nine out of 10 of them.

The hashtag started after it was revealed that 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, lead suspect in the Isla Vista shooting, had shared extremely disturbing and misogynistic views in a video posted shortly before the attack.

Instead of flooding the internet with Rodger-specific fury, Twitter took the discussion to the next level and remind the world that sexism is still very much present across society, and #YesAllWomen experience it.

Among those tweets were many honest and confronting admissions of sexism from female scientists, students and communicators.

This isn’t the first time the issue of misogyny in science has been brought up, but it’s always sad and shocking to see certain opinions persist when females have come such a long way in the field.

As ScienceAlert is staffed almost entirely by women, we though we’d add a few of our own:

Because only 44 out of 835 Nobel Prize laureates are women.

Because senior scientists would still rather hire males, and pay them more.

Because people are still shocked when we tell them ScienceAlert is run by women.

Because that last tweet I screenshotted, via Hannah Hart, really hits home for myself and so many women I’ve talked to over the last few days [much less ever] when it comes to pointing out sexism in general, especially within the STEM world. 

Because my freshman Chem teacher told me I would not be at the top of the class because I was a woman but I was at the top of the class - and because I was always addressed as the mother or the whore at work and never the colleague - and because my supervisor would not give me a job recommendation unless I could assure him I would never choose to take care of my sick children rather than coming into the lab for my $50/day stipend - and because almost all of my brilliant female friends/colleagues chose to leave and seek more female friendly work experiences… I don’t know if they found them….

Because my high school counselor told me I should consider nursing school and not medical school because it was more realistic (despite me being the top of my class).

When I tell people I’m in medical school and they say “oh, you will make a nice nurse!” (Nothing against nurses…us future docs and currents doc would be lost without y’all!

Advice to (First Year) Med Students: What is it gonna be like?!


Any advice for an incoming med student? Like what was first year like & any tips/hints to help survive??  — lifeofastudentdoc

Part I: What will it be like?!

There will be lots of smart people there. Most of them will be smarter than you, or at least they’ll think they are. Being around smart people all the time will send you into a constant fluctuating state of confidence and crushing self-doubt. image

On the first day you will go home and crack open a book, read for 8 hours, and remark to yourself, “this ain’t so bad.” On the 4th day of such reading, you will start calculating how much debt you will be in if you quit on day 5. 


You will learn an entire new language made mostly of gibberish, Latin, and acronyms. Get to know your -ologies, your hypers- and hypos-, and always pronounce the word the way your professor does, even if there’s a perfectly acceptable alternative pronunciation.



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People have offered many potential explanations for this discrepancy, but this ad highlights the importance of the social cues that push girls away from math and science in their earliest childhood years.

Watch the powerful Verizon advertisement to really understand what a little girl hears when you tell her she’s pretty.

This is so important. Girls pay attention. Boys, if you are a brother, father, cousin of a girl, pay attention.

And I never appreciated my parents fully til just now:
"Now that I think about it, the only time I was allowed to do dangerous stuff was when it was in the name of science."

I’m proud to be from an undergrad that had more female>male chemistry majors and from a med school class that is very close to equal (I think we have slightly more females after numbers have shifted the past two yrs.)

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Who’s planning to record herself singing the National Anthem tomorrow to send to OMED???

This girl! They said it has to be a video and not just a voice recording, so does anyone have suggestions for what I should wear?

It’s a long shot, but it would be amazing to be selected to sing during OMED 2014 in October!!!




This looks like it’s going to be a pretty good documentary. 

Pretty sure I need to see this

This looks fascinating. I’m really interested in the admin stuff they touch on too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any medical doc that touched on the fact that the way the system is set up means that not everyone gets treated as equal, not even in the ED. 

I’ll be exciting to see how this turns out. Especially, because I’m interested in EM.

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toastymarshmellows said: "FB being blown apart due to marriages, babies, etc..." aha I can so relate. Why is everyone (even people younger than me from HS) getting married now? And babies? And decide to win a cheerleading competition and stuff? The struggle is real :P

My cousin that’s 5yrs younger than me got engaged yesterday! I was like omgosh I’m getting old!

My fb was completely blown apart yesterday by tons of weddings taking place, babies being born, and couples getting engaged…

And I’m just here studying.